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$15.50 per set.

A single set consist of 30 color double-sided copies of a single sheet of an image and text you provide. The copies are delivered to, and stocked in the literature-style rack. For each "subscription" you get one slot on the rack that clearly displays your Touchpoint Folio™ for one month or more. You get to be part of an exciting visual experience that celebrates art and informs the public. An online mobile version of your folio is created and indexed for web based search engine discovery, sharing and recommending and cross linking to your other online assets. Every time you add a printed product to the Folio board you are building a micro mobile website without any additional expense.

No. Other locations are always explored to place the Touchpoint Folio™ racks for a wider audience. You can suggest a location on our web site.

No. The concept is to keep it simple. A professional business portrait of you - the artist is the only image allowed on the back.

Your Touchpoint Folios™ will be put along side of other artists in the community, open slots will be filled with information folios of other artist. As a rule the Folios are left in the rack until exhausted. You are free to remove them if you desire.

ECI Resources Corp. owns Touchpoint Folios.  It is a Cincinnati based organization.  It was orignally started as a project in 2005 to help Artist who wanted to have a more of a permenant visual presence in the front lobby area of the Pendleton Art Center.  The idea has grown to include other art centers outside of the Pendleton.  The mailing address is 1310 Pendleton Street, #508.  Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Submit online follow this link
Fill out the order form and forward to
Touchpoint Folios™, Studio 508, 1310 Pendleton, Cincinnati, OH 45202.
Call 513.477-9630 if you have any questions.

No. To keep it simple and not present color conflicts with neighboring Touchpoint Folios™, the text color will always be black. The typeface and size of the font are restricted to Sans Serif as to present a uniform look so only the images pop out. This is the best way to let you are speak for itself.

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